Loch Awe and Associated Waters Protection Order 1992

Constitution and Rules of the Association - (downloadable pdf file)

The following amendments were approved at the Committee Meeting of the Loch Awe Improvement Association on 22nd October 2007

Coarse season tickets commence 15th March - 6th October annually
Pike season tickets commence 15th March - 14th March annually

  1. No more that 3 rods may be employed at any time from boat or bank with the butt of the 2 outside rods being spaced no more than 3 metres apart and never left unattended.
  2. All pike rigs and tackle must employ a wire trace and main line both of 15 Ibs minimum breaking strain. All lures other than specialized pike flies must be of 5" minimum length.
  3. Purpose designed rod rests and run indicators must be employed when dead bait fishing from bank or static boat. All nets must be knotless and pike gags are not permitted.
  4. The use of maggots, worms, grubs, sweetcorn, bread or any other coarse fishing bait likely to catch trout is permitted only during the trout fishing season.No live fish or other vertebrates may be used as bait.
  5. All pike or game fish caught by the holder of this permit must be returned immediately to the loch unharmed
  6. Pike only may be fished for outwith the trout season and trolling is not permitted.
  7. A separate permit is required for all trout.
  8. Coarse and pike fishing permits NOT valid on Loch Avich


Bye-Laws - (downloadable pdf file)
Regulating Rod and Line Fishing in the Waters controlled by The Loch Awe Improvement Association